Project Description

The WINNOVATE project has been initiated by two leading R&D and financing consulting companies in the Baltic region: CoreGrow (EST) and Baltic Consulting (LAT). The activities of the WINNOVATE project have been designed to support the creation of a sustainable WINNOVATE network via networking meetings and hands-on workshops. The network is envisaged to be a Nordic-Baltic network of green growth sector stakeholders to collaboratively target international and regional innovation funds such as Horizon 2020, Eureka Eurostars, Norway Grants, etc. WINNOVATE acronym stands for “Networking of Innovative Green Growth Sector Companies for Collaborative Targeting of Innovation Programmes”.
The WINNOVATE project and the establishment of the network is supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers via the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Business and Industry. Several renown Baltic and Scandinavian organisations operate as official hosts for WINNOVATE’s networking and workshop events: Oxford Research (NOR, DEN, SWE), Enterprise Estonia (EST), Katalyst Growth Partners (LAT), and SOLVED – The Cleantech Company (FIN).

The project will run from 01.12.2014 until 30.09.2015