CoreGrow was founded in 2014 by four ambitious growth seekers that have worked with more than 100 companies. The founders strive towards making CoreGrow the best partner for ambitious companies in Europe. Focusing on systematic planning and spotless execution, CoreGrow is ready to take the challenge of crafting new technologies, products, services and taking them to the market as successfully as possible.
CoreGrow's specialities include Commercial R&D, Business Development, Marketing & Commercialization, and Management Consulting.

Contact Person: Siim Soplepmann

Baltic Consulting was established in 2001. During the intensive period of change, they have accumulated significant experience in business launching, expansion and restructuring. Baltic Consulting is competent in attracting EU funding; they can manage the various industry specific features and corporative financial details. High -level project managers and financiers, leading industry experts and scientists are working on individual projects.
When implementing business ideas, it is the lack of human resources and time that stands in the way of knowledge, experience, and genius ideas, as a result the ideas are not implemented or are implemented ineffectively. Baltic Consulting offers professional outsourcing solutions in the field of (1) financial planning and attraction, (2) corporate finance, as well as (3) strategic advice and (4) research. Baltic Consulting creates actual added value!

Contact Person: Gatis Liepinš

Enterprise Estonia, established in 2000, promotes business and regional policy in Estonia and is one of the largest institutions within the national support system for entrepreneurship, providing financial assistance, counselling, cooperation opportunities and training for entrepreneurs, research institutions, the public and non-profit sectors. The principal purpose of our operations is to increase the level of well-being in society by working towards the following five strategic objectives:
(1) increase in the number of sustainable and quickly growing companies;
(2) increase in the export capability and internationalisation of Estonian companies;
(3) increase in the product development and technological capabilities of Estonian companies;
(4) increase in revenue from tourism;
(5) integrated and balanced regional development.

Contact Person: Ene Kull

Katalyst Growth Partners, established in 2005, incubated the formation of Aurora Impact, Aurora Workspaces and Aurora Workdesign.Aurora Workspace is created to provide dynamic, adaptable, motivating and inspiring environment, methods and tools where togetherness and interaction is used to design and create new perspectives for business growth. Aurora Workspace fits the changing needs of the work and supports users throughout the creative process.
Aurora Workspace is your business growth partner. Your catalyst in solving complex business and organizational challenges. Aurora Workspace is a unique synthesis of the best business approaches, tools and methodologies for getting complex work done collaboratively.

Contact Person: Alehandro Georgs Blumenthals

Oxford Research, established in 1995, is a specialized knowledge company focusing on the areas of industrial and regional development and welfare. Within these areas we work with knowledge and innovation systems, development of municipalities and regions, and social, educational, and labour market policies.
Oxford Research carries through evaluations and analyses, and offers consultancy on strategy. We also pass on our knowledge at different kinds of seminars.
The company combines academic depth, excellent communication and strategic understanding.
Oxford Research has companies in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Oxford Research is a part of The Oxford Group.

Contact Person: Bart Romanow

Solved - The Cleantech Company Ltd was born in Cleantech Finland, and spinned off into a company in May 2013. At the heart of Solved is a global cleantech advisory service that tackles the world’s environmental challenges. The service, digitality at its core, allows to discover solutions that individual companies lack the capacity to find. With Solved there won’t be problems.
Solved is a natural way of working together with the world’s best cleantech experts on more rewarding projects. Lately Solved has been active in Finland, Russia and Slovakia. Solved will quickly put together the best possible team to solve challenges across boundaries. Solved expert pool is expanding fast and currently consists of a great team with up to 200 world-class experts. The goal is to solve the world's biggest challenges together. Because together people achieve great things.

Contact Person: Santtu Hulkkonen