The WINNOVATE project is divided into two stages to support achieving the main objective of the project:

Stage 1 (DEC 2014-APR 2015) is dedicated to
a) mapping the main innovation players and stakeholders in the green tech sector and;
b) matching their skills, capacities, plans and expectations with
– upcoming suitable calls in international innovation funds (2015-2016)
– potential partners for these calls from other Nordic and Baltic countries
Stage 2 (MAY-SEP 2015) is dedicated to facilitating networking between Green Growth stakeholders via holding four 2-day workshops (WS) as a result of which RD&I and CSA project concepts will be developed.

Two WS will be held in the Baltic States – WS1 on TRANSPORT/SMART CITIES at Enterprise Estonia facilities (Tallinn, Estonia) and WS4 MASTER WS at Katalyst Growth Partners facilities (Riga, Latvia). One WS is planned to be held in the Nordic countries – WS2 on ENERGY/CLEANTECH at SOLVED – The Cleantech Company facilities (Helsinki, Finland). The location of WS3 on LIFE SCIENCES is currently open.